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Main IconA Skills Training Partnership (STP)® is a CCRW recognized ‘effective practices’ model that has integrated over 400 persons with disabilities into the workforce with a success rate of 83% employment retention.

  • The STP® model is based upon partnership. The basis for an STP® project is a partnership between a managing disability employment agency and an employer.
  • Each STP® partnership is a unique project managed by a disability employment agency.
  • A disability employment agency recruits and manages four additional project partners: employers, funders, training providers, and persons with disabilities (project participants).
  • Employer partners are interested in hiring successful project participants into ‘identified available positions.’  
  • Training is customized to meet the needs of the employer partner and job seekers with disabilities.
  • Workplaces are prepared for new hires through disability awareness training and accommodation support.
  • The managing disability employment agency facilitates the classroom-to-work transition during the post-hire period, providing expert assistance to help the employer and new hires adapt to their new circumstances.

    The first step in approaching a STP® project is reviewing the STP® Employment Manual, available to download in the Toolbox. You will learn how to initiate and manage an STP® project overtime. The Employment Manual provides a practical overview of the STP® approach to support all project partners throughout the project life-cycle.


    STP® is a living model and the STP® blog provides you with an interactive forum to ask questions and get answers. Remember STP® is based on customization and partnership. Find and contact an agency in your region already trained in the STP® approach.

    The STP® Project Life Cycle graphic

    The STP® Project Life Cycle

    The STP® model provides real jobs to qualified job seekers with disabilities. STP® can help grow your organization by supporting the employment of persons with disabilities and expanding your community partnerships.

    The Benefits:

    • Improve your result indicators by increasing the number of ‘clients’ employed.
    • Use established STP® effective practice approaches in your employment programs.
    • Increase community and employer partnerships.
    • Establish your agency as a leader in progressive employment initiatives.
    • Develop new funding partnerships. 

    The following link will open in a new windowRegister and access the Skills Training Partnership (STP)® model 100% free of charge! 

    STP® is a dynamic employment tool designed to support the employment of job seekers with disabilities. It is an opportunity for employers to gain expert assistance in recruiting, hiring, and retaining skilled employees with disabilities.

    Once you register, you’ll have access to:

    • Live support from the CCRW
    • Information on who to contact and how to proceed to develop an STP® project in your area
    • A live, interactive blog, where employers, participants and community agencies can network with each other, update resources and share strategies
    • Free downloads including the STP® Employment Manual: A ‘step by step’ guide to completing an STP® project, checklists and supporting resources, pre-employment curriculum outline and training resources, marketing and promotional materials

    STP® is available 100% free of charge! The CCRW agrees to support the success of each STP® project. The CCRW will follow up with all registrants for statistical and evaluation purposes. Please read our The following link will open in a new windowregistration disclaimer for more information.