Main IconA Skills Training Partnership is a unique project designed to assist employers in developing training programs that prepare qualified job seekers with disabilities for employment. It is an opportunity for employers to gain expert assistance in recruiting, hiring, and training skilled employees with disabilities.

A Skills Training Partnership is completed in six progressive steps:

  1. Employers partner with a managing disability employment agency.
  2. Employers are interested in hiring STP® graduates into 'identified available positions'.
  3. An STP® project is managed by a disability employment agency who facilitates the outreach, recruitment, and training of STP® participants
  4. Training is customized to meet the specific needs of the employer partner.
  5. Employers receive workplace support through disability awareness training and in the development of any accommodation plans that may be required.
  6. The managing disability employment agency facilitates the classroom-to-work transition, providing expert assistance to help the employer and new hire adapt to their new relationship.

The STP® Project Life Cycle graphic

The STP® Project Life Cycle

A Skills Training Partnership saves employers time and money. It is a customized recruitment project designed to employ fully qualified and dedicated employees with disabilities that fit your business! 

Save Money:

  • Employ the right person for the job
  • Increase employee retention rates
  • Decrease hiring and training costs

Save Time:

  • Gain expert assistance regarding employment and disability

Increase Diversity:

  • Develop progressive hiring and recruitment practices
  • Access an untapped pool of qualified and dedicated employees
  • Increase employee diversity and meet your equity goals

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